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We recognize that every orthopedic condition is unique and requires special evaluation and treatment for the patient to achieve optimum function and prevent further disability.


Our Prosthetists design and fit the most advanced artificial limbs offered on the market today. Our technical staff, qualified with many years of experience, utilizes state-of-the-art technology and high tech components to fabricate prosthetic devices that provide optimum function, comfort and quality. We build custom upper and lower limbs and cosmetic passive functional devices such as lifelike hands, fingers, and partial feet.


Our Orthotists utilize orthotic devices to treat all types of orthopedic and neurological conditions. These devices range from the very simple pre-fabricated support devices to the very complex custom designed products. We specialize in custom foot orthotics, upper and lower limb orthotic devices, compression garments, and spinal orthoses.

Diabetic Footwear

Custom molded diabetic inserts are soft accommodative orthotic inserts made from a mold of your foot. They help to reduce pressure points and the risk of developing calluses and diabetic ulcers. Custom inserts work best in well fitted extra depth shoes.

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Pediatric Care

The Anchor Brace and Limb staff is not only fantastic with children but also understands the complexities of pediatric care. We build pediatric prosthetic limbs for traumatic amputations and congenital limb difference. We also fabricate orthotic devices for neurological conditions, hypotonia, spasticity, flat feet, scoliosis, and plagiocephaly.

Mastectomy Products

Breast forms, Bras, and compression garments to help in the healing process after a mastectomy.

Compression garments

Socks, hose, sleeves, and gloves to treat edema, lymphedema, and circulatory dysfunction.

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